We offer following support services:

Program/Project Management

  • Client-Oriented Company
  • Committed and Experienced Management Team
  • Contract Administration
  • Program/Project Tracking
  • Budget Development
  • Milestone Development
  • Timely Deliverables
  • Policies/Procedures Enforcement

  Program/Project Planning

  • Strategic Planning
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Manpower Assessment
  • Cost Analysis
  • Statement of Work (SOW)
  • Development
  • Standard Operating Procedures Development
  • Evaluative Tools Development
  • Acquisition Support

Systems Analysis

  • Systems Specifications
  • Systems Design, Development and Implementation
  • Systems Testing
  • Systems Integration
  • Systems Documentation Development
  • Hardware/Software Assessment

Technical/Cost Proposal Development

  • Request for Proposal (RFP) Review
  • Bid/No Bid Decision
  • Proposal Outline Development
  • Compliance Checklist Preparation
  • Proposal Strategy and Theme Development
  • Proposal Development
  • Proposal Editing
  • Blue and Red Team Reviews
  • Proposal Approval


Conference Planning/ Management and Support

  • Contract Negotiation
  • Site Selection
  • Pre-Conference Publicity
  • Budget Preparation and Tracking
  • Pre-Registration Management
  • Materials Development, Management and Distribution
  • Travel and Hotel Arrangements
  • Agenda Planning
  • Menu Selection
  • On-Site Conference Coordination
  • On-Site Registration Management
  • Vendor Liaison
  • Post-Event Analysis

Technical Training and Support

  • Basic Computer Concepts
  • Website Design and Implementation
  • Microsoft Word Suite (e.g., Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.)
  • Training Requirements Analysis
  • Training Cost Analysis
  • Course Development and Implementation
  • Hands-on Product and Services Demos
  • Training Workshop Facilitation
Desktop Publishing

Records Management

Human Resources Consulting

  • Management and Leadership Training
  • Performance Management Training
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Operating Manual Development
  • Recruiting Assistance
  • Benefit Guidance
  • Virtual HR Department
  • Coaching, Counseling and Mentoring Training
  • Employee skills assessment
  • Extensive experience for a reasonable cost
  • Short-term and long-term assistance
  • Ongoing human resources management and support



Budget Management

  • Formulation
  • Tracking
  • Reconciliation
  • Reporting
  • Close-out

Database Design and Implementation

Assets and Facilities Management

  • Assumption of Responsibility for Operations of an Existing Facility
  • Installation, Maintenance and Operation of a New Facility, and On-site Hardware and Peripherals
  • Installation of Raised Floors and Cabling
  • De-installation (removal, storage or disposal) of Hardware and Peripherals, Medical and Test Instruments, Telephone Systems, Copier and Photographic Items, Scrap Components, Bar Stock and Circuit Boards, etc.
  • Acquire, Salvage and Evaluate, Inventory
  • Restore, Rebuild, Upgrade, Recycle, Transport and Dispose of Supplies, Equipment and Bulk Stock.

Note: All jobs performed in an ecologically responsible manner.


Assistive Technology Implementation

  • Information Technology (IT) Accessibility




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